My name is Laura Kett and I have 30 years of professional experience, mostly in the area of pediatric occupational therapy. I love playing with children so my “work” has been a source of great enjoyment.

As a mom, auntie and “Oma” (grandma), I hold great respect for parents and their parenting skills. It was especially during my work in early intervention that I developed a deep passion for supporting parents and their relationship with their children.

My goal is to support you whether through a one-on-one consultation or as a speaker for your small parent or educator group. We can start with a 15-minute meet-and-greet. The initial meeting and consultations can take place in a coffee shop or at my office in Ballard.

I would love to assist you in your unfolding journey as a parent or educator of young children.

I have an extensive background in pediatric therapy with focus in sensory processing, picky eating, handwriting, developmental skills (play, fine motor, self-cares) and executive functioning (social-emotional regulation). I have worked with children who have autism, developmental delays, fine motor issues, visual- perceptual problems, and behavioral and sensory challenges. Previous intervention settings include hospitals, clinics, schools, pre-schools and private homes for early intervention.